Live in Nashville | | 2017

Live in Nashville | | 2017

What's the buzz about?

Country music in 2018 is home to a wide array of personalities and unique sounds and right in the middle of it all is AJ Gatio.  On the cutting edge sonically of what is both country and pop, AJ is an emerging young artist that is out everyday making a name for himself with his high energy live performances!

Since moving to Nashville permanently in 2015, he has played over 300+ live shows and has been a part of many big events including CMA Festival, the Key West Songwriters festival, and many other events. To start off 2018, AJ put out a song called "Too Hot" which was featured as an Apple Music Hot Track upon release! He also has written a handful of songs cut by other Nashville artists, including a song on Spencer Crandall’s album that went No. 1 on the iTunes country chart upon release!

At the heart of it all though, AJ knows that country music is about the fans.  Whether it be after a show, or on social media, he is as approachable and personal with fans as he is his friends.  Music is meant to be a shared experience, and AJ Gatio is an experience you don't want to miss!