American Barrels whiskey

Partnering since 2018, American Barrels has been the primary sponsor of AJ’s weekly event at Dawghouse Saloon in downtown Nashville. They believe respect is earned, and given equally. That said, we’ll have a drink with anyone righteous enough to share an honest glass. So to all the patriots who never waiver on being proud of who they are, forget where they came from, or surrender what they stand for, this ones for you.


rural Cloth USA

Rural Cloth is an uncompromisingly American apparel company. They believe that rural Americans should be outfitted with a wardrobe that's equally is uncompromising. That's why they strive to bring you a brand that brings out the best of this country's most dependable people, AJ included.


Wild haven beer

Wild Heaven is our most recent brand partnership. Wild Heaven is brewed in the ATL and served all throughout the southwest. AJ’s personal favorite is their Emergency Drinking Beer! Their crafts are designed in the great tradition of European brewing but with a distinctly American creative flair. All-grain, no adjunct-sugar philosophy creates bigger flavor without excess alcohol.